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How much does it cost?

I always give a personalised quote, which depends on the timings, place and the requested number of shots.

How long before shall I request a session?

Usually the waiting time is between two to three weeks, but this may change.

Where is the service available?

I work mostly in Vienna and its agglomeration, but occasionally (at weekends) in the neighbourhood of Budapest as well.

How can I register for a photo shoot?

Click on the contact button and fill in all your details.

When and how do I get the photos?

It usually takes up to four weeks. You will receive the photos in a digital format. I will send you a link, from where you can download the photos from.  Due to the sizes of the photos I suggest you use a laptop or a desktop when downloading them.

Will I receive the raw photos as well?

No, you will only receive the retouched photos in a JGP format.

How many photos will I receive and how many of these will be retouched?

Under the contact section you can choose how many photos you would like. These will all be retouched, you will not receive the raw photos.

Make up? Hair dresser?

 I do suggest to have a basic makeup. From my experience, you will feel more comfortable, and this way you will also make my job easier when retouching the photos. I will be able to provide a makeup artist if requested. I only suggest to use a hair dresser if you want to go for something special. If you only require straightening your hair, then I think there is no point spending money on it.

Can I purchase a gift voucher?

Of course, there is opportunity to purchase a gift voucher. You  can purchase this in person from me, but I can post it to you, which will cost you 3 Euro.


When do I have to pay?

On the day of the photo shoot for the entire shoot. For studio shots I would require an 30% deposit.

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