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First of all, I would like to welcome you on my page, thank you for visiting. I would like to introduce myself to you, as I believe you would prefer to work with someone who you "know" a bit about. I was born in Hungary, and I have graduated at the University of Physical Education in Budapest, where I have received my PE teacher and swimming coach degree. In 2017 I have decided to take a big step and move to Austria. Right now I live in Vienna where besides photography I work as a swimming coach as well. Let's talk about photography.... It started off as a hobby... I bought my first single - lens reflex camera  when I was 18, and all of

a sudden I realised I have been trapped in the world of photography. In the beginning I was doing only nature photo, but then I have started to take photos at family gatherings to capture the most important memories. As time passed I received more and more request  for portrait photography, and it became one of my strongest sides, which is now part of my life. I have realised it is such a big challenge to work with people, but to be honest I love this challenge. Persuading people not to be shy, and to show their beautiful selves in front of the camera is part of this challenge. I always try to be the best at what I am doing, this way I can assure you that your needs will be met. I always educate myself to be able to follow the latest trends. I qualified as a professional photographer at Wifi Wien in 2022. In my photos, I like to make my ideas come to life, but if you come with your own, of course we will work together to make them come to life.
If I have managed to make you interested in my work, feel free to go to the FAQ where I will answer all the questions you may ask before making the big decision. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the "F.A.Q." section, please do not hesitate to contact me, you will find my contact details under the "contact" section.
Yours Sincerely
Daniel Dulcz

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